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Want to be a gamer, blogger, tuber or designer?

Would you love gaming, tubing or design to be your future?

If you're a teenager aged 14+ studiodigital is the place to make it happen.

What it’s all about

Studio Digital is a free programme for young people in years 10-12. If you're interested in making films, graphic design, photography, social media or anything digital this is for you. We'll introduce you to experts who will help you to develop all sorts of digital skills.

We meet every fortnight on a Saturday at Contains Art in Watchet and give you a chance to try out lots of new things, meet people who love the same things as you, learn new skills and have a lot of fun. We'll also take you on a trip to experience different digital activities.

All we need from you is your passion and a commitment to attend 10 sessions beginning on Saturday 27th April 2019. The sessions will last until approx. end July.

How to apply

You need to be in years 10-12 (aged 14+)

Applying is easy.

Fill out your details and your parents consent on the application form and tell us why you'd love to be involved.


Call us at Contains Art on 07583 368072

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